Alcohol consumption as a practice of self care.




This paper will address the use of alcohol in adolescence as a practice of self care. The findings stem from an investigation by Igenus Foundation with support from the Ministry of Health.

At this historic moment in which society has not expectations of future to teenagers but many ailments, alcohol consumption during the nights of the weekend works as a practice of self-care to alleviate the deep emotional distress that environment give to adolescents.

The "encounter" of this communication is in alcohol consumption as a practice self-care, although there is not a cure, it does offer improved symptomatic of emotional distress. In this hyper medicalised society, where every day we watch how teenagers discomforts are treat by biomedicine, understoods as diseases, and finally they are medicated, adolescents need another kind of response for treat their discomforts.

The "engagement" of communication, responds to distress as adolescents are a product of socio-cultural phenomena. Teens have few expectations in front of the future and live somewhat disillusioned towards “adult world”, these and other situations, cause discomfort in adolescent in front this hostile environment, they prefer most rewarding activities, among others, consume alcohol. Drinking alcohol during the weekend group produces a feeling of "rupture" with the formal time, generates positive meanings in the group, and alow "do" and "say" what they want, so that alcohol alow overcome those discomforts.

Keyword 1: alcohol

Keyword 2: self care

Keyword 3: adolescents




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